EVRYTHNG is an online service for storing and sharing any real-time data generated by any thing in the world. Our engine gives a unique, permanent and interactive identity accessible on the Web to any physical object and allows authorized applications and users to access the data via our secure RESTful API.

Developer resources

What do we do?

EVRYTHNG is a platform for powering applications or services driven by dynamic information about physical objects (or 'Thngs' as we call them). Our motto — Every Thing Connected — defines a world where every 'Thng' has an active digital presence on the Internet (a mini Facebook profile for any object, if you want), which enables rapid development of Web applications that use real-time information flowing from, to, and about any object in the world.

What do we provide?

The EVRYTHNG platform supports the creation and secure hosting of an Active Digital Identity (ADI) for any physical object. An ADI is simply a Web resource with information about a thing in the form of dynamic (e.g. where it is now) or static (e.g. when and where it has been made) attributes. We provide a RESTful API for accessing, creating, storing, manipulating, sharing, or searching the ADIs for millions of real-world objects, along with a set of services and tools to facilitate the creation of applications.

Developer Program

This program is open to any developer who wants to try the EVRYTHNG engine and build applications for it. To sign up, simply create a free account. All we need from you is to answer a few questions so we can better understand your needs.


If you need any help and want to get in touch with us, please have a look at the various support channels we provide, or use the orange "support and feedback" button on the right side.

Quickstart guide

Once your account has been activated, you will be able to log into the portal. The portal is a Web-based user interface to for the EVRYTHNG engine, where you can manage all your thngs, products, or applications without writing a single line of code.

To access our API, you will need to sign every request with your personal authentication token (find it here), as explained in the overview. The API allows to build applications that use the various entities in the engine. Feel free to browse our API documentation using the menu on the left, or directly download some examples to get started right away.

In case you need any further information, have a look at our support section which summarizes all the channels available to get the most out of EVRYTHNG. Don't hesitate to contact us, we love hearing back from our users to make sure we deliver a unique experience and great services.